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Easy Conversation Starters to Use at Work Many people find it hard to start a conversation. In a workplace with new employees, this will be more difficult. You’ll have to start building relationships with the people you meet. When you’re a new employee, you don’t know anyone. So, starting a conversation can make you nervous and anxious. The following are some conversation starters you can use at your workplace. Many individuals are shy around people they’re meeting for the first time. Therefore, don’t think you’re the only person that’s having a hard time trying to start a conversation. Say hello to the other person and tell them who you are before starting a conversation. This will make you look friendly. Don’t try too hard to impress anyone. Speak fluently, be well-mannered and act normal. You can use any subject to start a conversation. But you have to be careful about the kind of topic you’re going to use. Ask a neutral question to start the conversation. This way, you’ll give the other person a chance to take part in the conversation. Choose an open-ended question. You need to have answers to your questions.
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Each person at the office hates something. Open a conversation by telling your colleague about something you don’t like. Ensure your story is interesting. You can include humor in it. This will make the other person comfortable.
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Funny stories are excellent conversation starters. When you meet someone you’ve never met, humor will help you get rid of awkwardness, anxiety as well as nervousness. Tell stories that are relatable to your colleague. For example, you may start talking about cars or football if you’re having a conversation with a man. You can talk about something at work as a way of starting a conversation. Pay attention to the other person when he/she is talking. Starting a conversation is easy if the other person thinks you like what they’re saying. Reply genuinely to what they’re asking. This will help you know their interests and what they don’t like. Everyone loves to hear new stories. Make a conversation about celebrities, trends and events. News is a good conversation starter because everybody gets an opportunity to air their views. People like to talk about things that are happening. Ensure you discuss pleasant stories. Steer clear of religious or political topics. Offer your workmates compliments about their clothing or appearance. You can proceed to ask them where they buy their clothing. This will give the other party the opportunity to talk about their interests. Ask for the other person’s opinion regarding something. If he/she likes the subject, you can continue to discuss it in details. Ask many questions related to whatever you’re talking about. Remember to ask the name of the other person. Use it in your conversations regularly. This will make you look thoughtful.