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The Healing Power of Writing

Writing is something that can mean differently to different people. Some think writing can be an escape. There are people thinking about writing serving a certain purpose. It may be a source of livelihood or it can be part of one’s passion. We have to accept how writing has shaped history of the world. Things turned out to be with the commands carried out by way of the imperative sentence. We use writing to keep track of agriculture, customs, culture, records, ideas, inventions and even emotions. It is pretty hard to imagine for a civilization strive without writing. But we don’t really take notice how writing can be a way to heal oneself.

Our modern living made as worry too much or take a lot of stress. Each day, we wake up to the challenges and stress of life as we find ways to deal with them. Writing can be a way to help us cope better with life’s greatest crucibles. Our troubled minds get us to where we want to go as we write. Trouble seems to disappear as soon as we write. Here are some ideas to convince how writing can be a healing tool.

Our mind is a total mess when we are stressed. Stress makes us live a life that is aimless and meaningless. We may be in a situation we want to catch lighting in a bottle. There are people who use writing as a way to heal them. When we write, we are able to do things that are spectacular. Writing makes sense of things as you put your words on paper. It allows us to put order in the midst of chaos. It is a way to put meaning in meaningless world. It is a way for us to put in order the mess in our minds.

As we write, we are not aware how silly or awkward our writing can be. Like when we write a poem or a prose that is full imperative sentence of rusty nails of pain. There are times we are fixated too much on our grammar. Our minds will be steadier and calmer if we focus on just writing stuff. Writing takes over the emotions and get us to a calmer state of mind. As we focus on what we want to write on a blank page, we are in a state of meditation as we write what we have in our minds. This is what some writers call being “in the zone”. It is the place between the devil and the deep blue sea of our creativity, knocking the socks off.

When people are subjected to stress a lot of things happen. One way to get healed is via writing.

To make sense, writing can help. Make it a point to use writing to heal.