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How Online Celebrities are Shaped by the Social Media

A platform that is being used by many as a way of breeding online celebrities the social media is. The social media sites that are used are YouTube, twitter, among others. Many people both adults and teenagers are able to access the internet. This makes it possible for them to follow their favorite celebrity. Many people are internet celebrities by doing online gaming. Playing games about videos they upload and criticizing them in front of a camera by a person is what online gaming is all about. Usually it is up to the personal taste and preference of a person whether they find it entertaining but this sees many online celebrities getting thousands and thousands of followers. To get many followers and subscribers of a person it means that their content is loved and enjoyed all over the world.

Some form of responsibility however comes with this popularity. The responsibility is in such a way that the person is followed by teenagers and young adults and the content can have a lot of influence even if it is watched by adults themselves. Into the minds of a celebrity’s viewers will get anything the celebrity says however stupid or educating it might be out of the influence. When it comes to saying anything on the media there is the aspect of freedom of speech and everyone is entitled to their opinions. People are able to speak their minds and out of the advantage of anonymity they can actually say anything and use racial slurs or scream offensive comments with no repercussions at all.

Online disinhibition effect, is what the feeling that when one is using the internet they can forget all about the social norms that are applied in the real world is known as. Seen the effect can be when a person visits a site online such as Reddit where people can say anything using fake identity or fake names to conceal their identity. They might actually converse about and say things that might not be accepted in the real world. Online celebrities are becoming more and more popular with the advance of technology that we are seeing as of recent. Whereby one can record themselves and say anything and upload it on facebook or YouTube the essence of this is seen. Also some services are there that will help a person promote an design layouts that will make their upload of a higher quality. Uploading anything and getting viewers in just a mere matter of minutes just anyone who has access to fast internet can. Usually someone will definitely get followers if they are having something trendy and have a great personality.