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How to Migrate your WordPress Hosting to a New Hosting

There are several ways to migrate or move wordpress hosting to a new hosting service. However I use the way to move hosting that I consider to be fast enough and also it does not change the look and its content before. I use this method after I move my wordpress that I have managed since 2011 to a new hosting.Given the blog already had many articles and visitors have reached thousands visitors per day, I had a bit of anxiety to migrate to a new place. I did not let the blog down long enough so it would not affect the traffic. But, thankfully it went well.

How To Migrate the Old Hosting to the New Hosting

You have two options to migrate wordpress to other hosting. First option, if you feel anxious to do it yourself, there are many options to do it, for example you can find for professionals that offer wordpress migration services to handle the issue, let them do the work and pay for the result. The other option is doing this migration alone. These are the simple steps you can follow :

  1. The first step. In the old hosting cPanel, download all the WordPress files installed in the public_html folder. How : through File manager then open folder public_html. Select all files and then compress. Then download the result of this compress.
  2. The second step. Download the MySQL database. How : choose the phpMyAdmin menu then select the blog database that used. Then export the database with Quick method and in SQL format.

Thus I already have 2 files that compressed the public_html folder (in .zip format) and the database file (in .sql format) will uploaded to the new hosting. Once the new web hosting order is ready for use, then the next step is to upload the downloaded files. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open the new cPanel hosting. Through the File manager menu, open the public_html folder. This folder is empty and there is only a cgi-bin folder. Upload the downloaded compressed-folder public_html (in .zip format) into this public_html folder. Then extract it.

Note : If there are no constraints, the public_html folder in this new hosting should be exactly the same content as the contents of the public_html folder in the old hosting.

  1. Create a new database on a new hosting account via the MySQL Databases menu in cPanel. How : Previously see or edit wp-config.php file in new or old hosting to know the details of MySQL database used wordpress blog.