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Parisian Chic Fashion Styles Are Reflected in the French Attitude Toward Food

Women around the globe have become interested in a French fashion style commonly called Parisian chic. The style combines casual and elegant elements along with classic and modern to create a look that’s undeniably French but is ideal for a wide variety of environments.


French people are generally known for being laid-back, romantic, and lovers of rich, luscious food. Weight loss experts sometimes lament the seeming contradiction between the typical high-caloric French diet and the population’s ability to stay at a healthier weight than the average American. It’s their attitude about eating that seems to make the difference.

A Social Event

In general, French persons prefer to eat meals at a table with friends and family, making it a social event. They linger for an hour or more, sipping wine, savoring the food, and conversing.

In contrast, Americans have a reputation for buying take out fast food and eating in their cars. They pick up a bucket of fried chicken and eat in front of the TV set. Their eating habits are asocial and not mindful.

Reflection in Fashion

The manner in which French people approach their daily eating habits may be reflected in their fashion style. The clothing is tasteful and appealing to wear and view. A typical outfit is comfortable enough to wear around the house when alone while also being fashionable enough to wear out to a restaurant. The apparel is of high quality and made to last.

As with Parisian attire that is informal and elegant at the same time, even a casual meal can be an elegant one. It’s not a bag of burgers and fries to be wolfed down on the way from one meeting to another.

A Point to Consider

Comfort does not mean watching TV while eating pizza and wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants. Instead, it’s characterized by a group of female friends having fun while enjoying delicious food and wearing casual tops and pants that fit well while not being confining. Surveys show that an American woman is likely to spend more time per week putting on makeup, doing her hair, and deciding what to wear than having meals with friends and family.