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Great Tips on Roof Cleaning

It is expected that for a usual homeowner, there’s no single clue as to what makes the roof dirty. But then again, when you try to see the roof of your neighbor, you’d expect the same thing. If you are looking towards doing a shingle roof cleaning, know that you have three possible options here. The first option is to have the entire roof replaced with newly purchased shingles. Another option is do-it-yourself, which means you’re going to purchase a specific roof cleaning product and personally do the cleaning. The final option would be to hire a roof cleaning Palm Harbor company to do the cleaning on your behalf.

Shingle Replacement

If you’re simply too annoyed by a dirty-looking roof and you want a quick solution, this option is your best bet, supposed you have that kind of money for it. But you can’t just purchase any type of shingle replacement. You have to understand that the replacement you buy should guarantee at least ten years of algae-free roof. If you get new shingles that doesn’t guarantee ten years or more, you’re practically wasting money.
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Roof Cleaning Company Option
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A very good option for you is to contact a professional roof cleaning Tampa who can provide effective and safe roof cleaning procedures. But what you have to make sure on your part is inquire about their insurance coverage. Additionally, you should hire someone who can provide you with a list of local references and maybe pictures of completed jobs. It is also recommended you talk to them about using cleaning products that are safe to the environment.


This option basically depends on the level of skills or experience you have in doing the job. The trick for any DIY roof cleaning is choosing the ideal cleaning product. With the fact that there are so man bogus and ineffective products out there, you should begin by doing some research so you won’t pick the wrong ones. So if one product sounds too good to be true, it usually is. This is like when you encounter a product that tells you there’s nothing you need to do aside from simply spraying it on the roof and wait for results.

The thing you have to remember is that when cleaning your own roof, you need to accept the fact that the job is difficult. What it implies is that you are to expect a lot of things to do and not just spray a cleaning product and wait. Of course, don’t forget the emphasis on using environmentally-safe cleaning products. This means the roof cleaning product does not harm your pets and plants and won’t damage your lawn and your things. When the cleaning is finally done, remember that maintaining it still falls under your responsibility.