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Easy Steps to Unblocking Your Hotmail Account If you happen to wake up one morning and realize your Hotmail account has been blocked, don’t panic because you’re not really alone. And although your most natural response is to complain about it, you have to understand that there actually are several ways you can unblock it. First things first, you should know that there can be different reasons why you have been denied access to your own account. The most common cause is entering the wrong password multiple times and reaching the number of allowable tries. It can also be because another person tried to sign in to your Hotmail account without your permission and used a wrong password. Furthermore, there’s a possibility that the account was suspended due to a type of activity that Hotmail prohibits. And finally, there could be someone who hacked your account and changed your login credentials. So now let’s go down to the ways in which you can save your account by unblocking it. The first thing you need to do is reset your password, assuming this option is still viable. You probably recalled the time when you signed up for a Hotmail account that you were asked to answer various questions intended for situations like this. So if you can recall your answers to those questions, then you wouldn’t be having any trouble unblocking your account. Once your account is unblocked, don’t forget to change or update your login details.
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In case the first method doesn’t work on your end, the next step is to contact Hotmail support. But before you do, you first need to document or figure out the exact error message you received when you tried to sign in to your account but were unsuccessful. Be ready with your personal information because technical support will definitely ask for it in order to validate your identity. The verification process is very important and essential because it’s the only way to make sure it’s you who wants help and not just anyone trying to hack into your account.
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The third option if the two previous ones didn’t do the job, is to request for a new password and to send it to your alternate email address. But in order for this strategy to work, you must ensure that your alternate email address is active and is accessible by you. But in case the alternate email you used no longer exists or is inactive, it means this method is no longer feasible. It may be quite frustrating to be denied access to your Hotmail account, but one thing you must understand is that in majority of instances, it’s just a minor issue and you’ll eventually get it back if you follow those tips we talked about.