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Tips to Creating a Banner Design Blog

Just like what mastheads are to newspapers and covers to books, so with blogs, it needs an interesting, no nonsense banner head.

Process Options in Creating a Banner Head

If your blog is in Tumbler, don’t settle for the default header image that Tumbler provides, create your own, one that suits you well with your readers in mind, and edit by using a banner maker app or using the settings from the desktop dashboard. As soon as you have decided which procedure will help you create your banner head, make ready to be creative with details in the image making of your banner, such as the following: your theme or brand identity, fonts of shapes and styles, kind of background, and the right images and graphics that can reflect your personality and thinking statement.

Creative Ideas to Make A Banner Head Image

Most people who read blogs do appreciate the effort that the author has put in creating an interesting banner or header image for his/her blog, and the appreciation emanates from the originality and poetic presentation of the banner image. To look for high-quality stock photos, search graphic websites which provide quality photos and for free, and when you have picked the right photo, re-invent it by making it look original, uniquely created even if it looks familiar, and has a poetic message. As much as your intention in creating a banner head design is to interest further your readers, make sure that there is consistency that is found and felt in your blog space, such that your readers can see your thoughts and ideas through the graphic image of your banner head.

Horizontal Image Projection

Once you have chosen and re-created the appropriate banner image, see to it that the image can be resized so that it can work well horizontally, since basically all banner heads are on a horizontal projection. Another way to create a horizontal image is to crop the photo and resize it.

Creating the Right Banner Background

The challenge of deciding which background color and design will appropriately suit the banner head in your blog is a tricky one. By investing time to see what better options can be chosen in looking for the appropriate background for your banner head, you can try the following measures: using banner maker apps or tumbler templates or researching through the internet on ideas for a beautiful background.

Give a Complete Run-Through for the Details

Remember that it is in those little details, such as subtle textures, patterns, shadows in the right places, edge highlights, color shading, etc, that can make an attractive, interesting, and well-thought of banner image.