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Evaluating the Managed SD-WAN Services

When it comes to evaluating the managed software-defined wide area networking providers, these are the factors that you must consider. If your company is considering such software-defined WAN for replacing their wonderful legacy WAN architecture must make a decision whether to handle the SD-WAN in-house or have this outsourced to a provider. There are definitely a number of benefits and drawbacks to these. But a method is almost surely a better fit which depends on the requirements of your organization. So how should you make a choice?

The first thing that you should do is that you have to look at the organization’s remote connectivity requirements and the trade-offs in managing the WAN in-house. When you are interested in the SD-WAN because you require greater control and even granularity over prioritizing as well as securing certain application traffic as it would traverse the WAN, then you likely will want to let the IT staff own the implementation as well as management of the SD-WAN. You would like to maintain the control when regular and rapid changes take place to such policies.

But, when you are like many, the SD-WAN policies you need to apply are fairly standard and static in nature. When such is the case, you may like to consider a managed service provider or the MSP. From one business to the next, many SD-WAN implementations and configuration will look a bit similar that would make the SD-WAN a commodity component of the general infrastructure of the business. This is going to make the WAN an excellent candidate for MSP control. The provider of the service has the economies of scale in order to minimize the costs and they have such highly-trained staff that also knows how to setup, troubleshoot and monitor the SD-WAN environment.
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Talking about the capabilities and the levels of service which various managed SD-WAN providers offer, there are a lot of factors that you have to take into consideration. Know that all the SD-WAN providers offer the services to monitor, design and also maintain the entire wide area network. They also provide the customers with the virtual or the physical Ethernet handoff even at the remote site or in the cloud. Beyond such generic set of SD-WAN services, there are those differences which can be utilized to compare and also contrast the different providers.
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For instance, you must investigate if such managed SD-WAN may offer services in the geographic locations that your company needs. You should be aware that not all of the SD-WAN provider can offer services in the places which you require. Though they can, they may not be able to give you the most excellent pricing. The same goes for your cloud deployments. Make sure that the managed SD-WAN provider that you are interested in has such presence in operating in the many clouds that you leverage.