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Digital Marketing 2017: Major Influences of Social Media and Influencer Marketing in Gaining New Customers

In the past, traditional marketing involves word of mouth, posters, billboards, television and radio influences. Today, advanced technology gave birth to digital marketing, a modern method of advertising products and services. Digital marketing is the use of digital technologies such as smartphones, tablets, LCD displays, LED monitors, laptop, and desktop to advertise various products and services via the internet. Digital marketing is the umbrella of web design, social marketing, search engine optimization or SEO, influencer marketing, content management system, and video marketing, which make it as the most influential method of marketing used today. Now, let us discuss the major influences of social media marketing and influencer marketing when it comes to gaining more leads or new customers in availing a product or a service.

Modern people have at least one social media account, and of course, they are also engaged actively in online business transactions such as selling and buying. Social media is always associated with brand building and not sales, but the truth is that social media can be used in generating leads for your business. Selling differs from lead generation, it is actually a nice way of bringing your target audience closer to your sales bucket, knowing their needs, wants, interests, pains and concerns, and eventually turning them into paying customers. A long time ago, generation of lead consisted of activities such as filling out a form at the back of the magazine or sending out survey via snail mail, but today internet plays a major role in lead generation via email opt-ins, video marketing, and ad campaigns. Currently, lead generation is made faster, easier and more convenient for customers, most especially with the influence of social media. With social media, people are capable of readily sharing campaign ads and images of products and services they are really satisfied with, that’s why it is the perfect place to look for your target audience and convert then into new sales leads. Social media marketing works together with influencer marketing to create a very powerful drive in order to influence people, directly or indirectly endorsing a product or service via social media websites.

Social marketing and influencer marketing can be used effectively by starting a challenge or contest, creating a customized tab, treating your page like a website, tracking brand mentions, creating events, offering a free sample, usage of video, not ignoring comments, and creating unique taglines or titles. If you want to know more about social media marketing, influencer marketing and other forms of digital marketing, feel free to view our related articles, blogs, and stories on our website.