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Creating a Great Banner: Tips to Live By

Creating banner ads these days has become a whole lot easier, thanks to several online tools that you can use for free. Banner ads, while very common in social media, are actually best used for websites built to promote business. What’s more interesting about them is that you can actually make your very own, provided you have the right tool; and yes, everyone can be an expert in making them.

In this article, let us help you understand and learn how to make the best banner ads for whatever purpose you may be planning.

1 – The first tip for all beginners is to choose a light and minimalist message. In other words, you shouldn’t try telling an entire story in just one banner image. It should be more of a preview of what’s inside the website.

2 – Next, be sure that your banner image will be consistent with what your brand represents. Many people who were previously given the responsibility of creating a banner image made the costly mistake of coming up with something that contradicted the very principles of the business or website it tried to advertise. Never forget that consistency with the brand should be the primary focus when you’re looking for ideas in creating banner ads. Yes, your job is to create a banner ad to grab someone else’s attention, but it does not mean you are to create confusion rather than impress. It never is a good idea to use the banner ad as some way of misleading visitors to the website, because if you do this, you’ll end up never to hear from them again.

3 – It’s good to be always honest and straightforward when making these banner ads. The reason for this is rather simple: you just want everyone to know that you mean business and you’re not playing the guessing game as to what you’re trying to offer to your would-be customers and clients.

4 – Lastly, we are under the strong belief that if banner ads are kept simple, they become a lot more effective. It all boils down to the design and as mentioned earlier, it always is better if you stick to the minimalist concept. This is quite true when you are targeting a group of consumers who are sensitive culturally, religiously, or racially. To create a banner ad, make sure the text is brief and concise, while the colors you use should be dominated by black and white, not neon, orange, or any bright color you fancy.

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