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Why Richard Simmons and MonsterCloud Have Joined Forces

Businesses depend upon the internet every day for their most vital operations. It has become impossible to carry on commerce without a growing oniine presence in today’s world. The open access required to carry out business also renders many companies vulnerable to attack. This is why businesses have come to rely upon cyber security corporations to protect their electronic gateways.

The recent connection of Richard Simmons and MonsterCloud symbolizes this. No longer can any commercial enterprise ignore the importance of protection for vital data, email access, virtual storage spaces. The number and type of attacks carried out by cyber criminals grows both more numerous and varied each day. Here are just some of the threats faced by individuals and businesses from internet hackers every day.

Trade secrets, customer data, and internal company files and communiques are always the object of individual hackers and the cyber espionage operations of rival companies. Information is power, and never has this become more obvious when spyware is employed to steal that information. Online spying is carried out for private gain or to destroy a particular company or individual.

There remains always the threat of malware designed to simply destroy computer systems for no object other than to create chaos. These attacks are launched out of pure malice by individuals who have no other purpose to their attacks. They represent an ongoing source of purely random danger since they seek no gain of any kind, have no particular agenda, and will strike at any time.

Finally, the most pernicious threat is ransomware. The victims find their most vital files and computer systems held hostage, for which a heavy payment must be tendered. This of course is outright extortion. Furthermore, there are no guarantees that ransomware attackers will live up to their side of the bargain if the victim pays. They might well decide to demand additional payment, or launch future such attacks to continue to victimize their marks.

IT security protects against all of these threats on multiple levels. Storing data in a secure private cloud, maintained by protected data centers helps neutralize the danger of unauthorized access. This is backed up by user access management protection schemes, real-time monitoring, antivirus software and firewall defenses, and full backup for disaster recovery even in the worst case. Businesses can enjoy complete security and continual operation and access to their customers day and night, all year round.